Thursday, September 10, 2020

Pooltime Fun

 There's always a good time to be had with a pool, even more so when you've been cooped up at home for months on end during a pandemic in the winter and spring!

My good times with the pool more often than not involve me sitting poolside, relaxing with some reading. It's so soothing to be near the water.

Those are solar rings on the pool. After last summer's waaaaay too high electric bills due to the use of the pool heater, we're trying to cut down on that financial craziness so we got two sets of these solar rings so that we could use the heater a lot less. They work pretty well!

Of course the best times with the pool usually involve family and friends.

Peter jumping in for maximum impact on the boys. We laughed and laughed. πŸ˜‚

Sam is a little fish and by far spends the most time in the pool of any of us.

My sister Elizabeth's family came over one day and I got fun shots of just about everyone jumping or diving in.



Rocco about to go but for some reason I didn't get his live-action jump.


Elizabeth, stage 1

Elizabeth, stage 2. What a graceful dive!

Shane's flip

John's flip

Sam's flip

My not flip. 😁 

There was once a time when I could jump and dive with the best of them (notice that I didn't say flip πŸ˜…), and I also loved swimming freestyle and floating on my back, and I'm still not opposed to doing those things, but my style these days is to mostly just float around the pool on my favorite tube and not get my head wet. 😎

Whatever way we choose to play, the pool is a lot of fun and I'm thankful to have it!