Friday, August 21, 2020

Five Things for Friday

 1. It was a nice summer on the Cape. I only spent three weeks there as opposed to the usual four or five. It wasn't the best summer because of COVID. More things were shut down. The boys couldn't do their camp. There was no library book sale. I had a horrible, painful canker sore inside my lower lip for the first week. But the beaches were nice, as always. No sharks, anyway. We did a lot of improvements on the house and went to Home Depot SO MANY TIMES. I went on a fun three-day trip to Nantucket with my mom. And I had my 40th birthday! So, all in all, it was good and it was nice to get away. 

2. Sam got a cool new bed last week and he's so happy with it. It's a bunk bed with stairs up to the top, big roomy drawers in the steps and under the lower bunk, and the lower bunk is a full-sized bed. It's really nice and it will be the bed he has until he moves out after high school. We're still waiting for the full-size mattress to arrive, but the bed is set up and he's sleeping on the top bunk for now. We're re-doing his whole room while we're at it. Pictures to come in the not-too-distant future (since I'm almost caught up and am not running a year behind like I always used to be! 🙌).

3. My world has been rocked a bit in the last two weeks by matters of varying significance, and I won't go into long soliloquies about them, I'll just say that: 

1) I'm no longer watching the Hallmark Channel because of their unfortunate decision to feature gay content in their movies, 

2) School is starting two weeks later than usual, in mid-September, and it's going to be a hybrid model so the boys will be going every other day. It's weird, but it's better than remote only learning. 

3) A mini soliloquy for this one: Massachusetts announced this week that they're going to require the flu shot for all students from six months old in daycare up through college. What!?! If they actually go through with this unconstitutional act of a nanny state, then I'll probably either homeschool the boys or have them do full-time remote (which everyone may be doing by that point, anyway). We don't get flu shots anymore, which are typically less than 50% effective, they're full of junk that can do harm to our bodies, and I read about a study in the spring that said people who got COVID were more likely to have gotten a flu shot. I've gotten the flu shot in the past and have gotten the flu. I'd rather get the flu then get a flu shot. I'm so upset with the Massachusetts government. I get what they're trying to do (cut down on the potential chaos and ramifications of COVID and the flu happening at the same time), but this is wrong. I really don't know what our Republican governor, who I like(d) is thinking. 😡  


4. I feel like the country is slowly falling apart, and sometimes it really worries and saddens me. Other times I feel like it's par for the course and that things will work out and much better things are ahead. I hope my worries will prove to be unfounded, but if the worst does happen, I have complete faith in the endgame

5. My deep thoughts about the Democratic convention this week: 

Sorry, I couldn't resist. 😜

Have a good weekend!