Thursday, April 30, 2020

December 2019 Randoms

Sam's bed is so cozy-looking after the sheets and blankets are washed and it's freshly made.

I'm not a big Joel Osteen fan but I like this.

Sam with his huge pencil from Plimoth Plantation. Looks like we're gonna need a bigger pencil sharpener. 😄

We we were doing so well with all of this just a few short months ago. It makes me sad and angry that it's all been undone now. 😢 

President Nelson called it back in 2018!

This is true, and I believe that someday everyone will know it and understand it.
I'm fed up with the LGBTQ+abcdefg lobby ruining so many shows and movies (not to mention the effect it has on our culture and society). (See this blog post of mine, #6, for why I feel this way and why it doesn't make me homophobic.)

Case in point: we saw the new Star Wars movie, and I was very disappointed by the unnecessary lesbian kiss at the end. I wanted to shield the boys' eyes from it and I wish we hadn't gone to see it. Plus Kylo Ren died. And the storyline with the resurrected Palpatine (or was it his clone?) didn't make a lot of sense because it wasn't explained well. The movie was a let-down in many ways and fell far short of my expectations. Very disappointing, especially because it had started out so well with The Force Awakens, which I loved.

This was outrageous and unmerited. Simply put, what Trump did didn't warrant impeachment. It's going to come back to bite the Democrats in the future. 

Alan Dershowitz is a Democrat, BTW...

Sam playing around at John's ninja competition.

I love cardinals and it makes me happy whenever I see one in the yard.

I went to a fun parent-kid activity at Sam's school. We made a snowflake together. 

I went to what turned out to be a solitary lunch at The Wayside Inn. It was supposed to be with Meredith and Sharalyn, but Sharalyn had to help her parents (her mom ended up passing away a few days later) and Meredith got a flat tire on the way there. I was almost there when I found out about that, so I went on my own since Meredith didn't need my help. It was nice to be at the Inn, which is one of my favorite places, but it was more depressing than I thought it would be to dine there alone.

I think in the future that people are going to realize that marijuana is way more dangerous and detrimental than they presently realize.

"The same political culture that is in a fury over legal opioids, and is trying to bankrupt drug companies as compensation, seems to have no problem celebrating a drug that may be damaging young brains for a lifetime." H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y.

"Older generations don't realize that the pot grown and sold today is on average four to five times more potent than what they smoked in college. There's also a misconception that pot is no more addictive than alcohol..."

"...Pot is more dangerous than people realize, and Americans should pause on the rush to legalize until we understand how much medical and social harm it is doing." 👍👍👍

Home sweet home, nice and bright and warm and cozy. This was on Christmas night.

This hot fudge sundae at The Cheesecake Factory was SO GOOD! I really miss eating out.

I was excited about Masterpiece's new show Sanditon that was going to be airing on PBS in January. It ended up being just okay for me; it had promise but it was kind of a let-down (except for one (and only one) charming storyline with a happy ending that I loved).