Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Halloween 2019

Last Halloween I went trick-or-treating for the first time in years. My many years-long streak of staying home and handing out candy came to an end. 😭 I did it for my sister Elizabeth who came over with her family and wanted me to go with her and her husband Justin and our three boys. And I have to say it was pretty fun! But that doesn't mean that this year I won't be trying to stay home again!

Sam wanted to be a hot dog. 😂 It was a cute, easy costume.

My mom came over from work in her hippie costume. There had been some kind of a Halloween party or something at work that day (or so she said 😆).

Elizabeth is a cosmetologist and she did a great job on Rocco and Shane's costume makeup!

Ready for their close-up!

We went to the neighborhood parade and potluck dinner. It was fun, but I don't know if we'll do it this year because it was kind of stressful to get there on time, and I drove over so then I had to drive home again, we forgot the trick-or-treat bags, I still don't know most of the people in the neighborhood, etc. I like my holidays nice and simple. But it was fine. The boys had fun.

The ground was wet from rain earlier in the day and from the day before, but the temperature was nice and mild. So our feet were wet that night but we weren't cold. I'll take it!

Sam, Rocco, and Shane had a lot of fun together. It was John's first year not going trick-or-treating (his choice), and he was totally fine with that. He preferred to stay home and play Fortnite. Sam was so happy that John didn't go with us. 😆 My mom took over my usual job and handed out the candy. 

Going through their spoils after we got home.

The boys got a nice haul of candy, that's for sure!

That night after everyone went home and we were all in bed, there was a big wind storm that knocked out the power. I couldn't get to sleep and was a mess the next day. It was an eerie end to a fun Halloween!