Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Sam in October

I have enough pictures of Sam from last October to merit his getting his own blog post. I titled this post "Sam in October" because I'm real original like that. 😉

Silly boy!

At his ninja gym

Sam and his friend were using my phone outside while they took pictures and made videos (very trusting and kind of me, I know!). I was with them for a little while and took a few pictures. 

I don't know how this ended up in black-and-white but I like it!



Sometimes Sam's favorite stuffed animal uses Sam's Switch and headphones while Sam is at school. (Sometimes I arrange his things in different positions like this to make him smile when he gets home because I think it's cute!) 

His Greg Heffley/Diary of a Wimpy Kid pumpkin for a book project at school.

I love my little Sam-man!