Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Downton Abbey in Boston

Last September I went into Boston with my friends Meredith and Sharalyn to see the Downton Abbey Exhibit. Downton Abbey was my favorite show for a long time, so I had to go!

Costumes on display from the new Downton Abbey movie that was coming out that month.

There were some sets from the show, although I'm not sure if they were the actual sets, or just models. The costumes, however, were definitely worn on the show.  
Look! It's headless Mrs. Patmore and headless Daisy! They cooked a bad dinner, off with their heads!
 (That's my last mannequin joke of this post, I promise.)

This fancy dining room reminded me of the Newport mansions.

My favorite thing about the exhibit was seeing the actual costumes that the actors wore on the show. For many of them I could remember the specific scenes that they were from. It was really neat to see them in real life!

I don't like the dowdy dress of Lady Grantham's on the left but I love Lady Mary's pretty day dress on the right. I have Pinterest pictures with her in that dress.

There were wedding dresses!

Mary's (to Matthew)


Rose's comparatively casual but still very pretty wedding attire

Wedding accessories and flowers were included in the exhibit too.

One of my favorite episodes was when Lady Rose was presented to the queen. This was the dress she wore. I loved seeing it in real life. I've always had a thing for pretty pale pink dresses.

Me and the dress! A girl can dream!

Another Lady Mary dress that I liked

And another 😊

And another. Look how tiny this is! I didn't realize just how skinny she was!

I remember all of these from the show.

This dress was worn by Mary when Matthew proposed to her. That was one of my favorite scenes ever!

Progressive Sybil in her pants dress!

After the exhibit we walked down the street to eat lunch at a good but weird place that had fantastic avocado toast and two male employees dressed as women. How very unladylike! 

Merchandise from the gift shop. The teddy bear is so cute, I love it!

It was a fun day and the Exhibit was totally worth going to if you're a fan of Downtown Abbey and/or period dramas. It received my seal of approval!