Monday, February 3, 2020

Summer Fun with Sis and the Boys

My sister Elizabeth and her two boys Rocco and Shane came to stay with us at the Cape for a week last July. Our four boys went to camp at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History together, which made it even more fun than usual for John and Sam. It was a fun week!

Sam and Shane built a cool fort out of a big box. They were really excited about it for a day and then they forgot about it for the rest of the week. 😆

We went to Bayview Beach a few times. The boys had a blast getting passing boats to toot their horns  and playing in the waves created by the boats. 

Liz and I did some shopping in Hyannis one day while the boys were at camp. 

This beautiful painting was for sale in an art gallery. I went back and bought it a few days later after giving it some thought. I love everything about it! I'm still trying to figure out the perfect place to hang it in my house.

We went to a tattoo parlor where Liz got a small tattoo on the inside of her wrist. I'd never been in a tattoo parlor before! 😱 The places my sister brings me! It wasn't too bad other than the music and some macabre artwork artwork on the walls. I got to watch her get the tattoo which was interesting. After getting my eyebrows microbladed the month before I had a better idea of what it felt like and could sympathize!

On the way to camp!

Sam and Rocco were in the same age group at camp. Here they are modeling the bat hats they made. Look how thrilled Rocco is. 😆

Another nice evening at Bayview Beach. 
Check out the big auto ferry coming from the Vineyard or Nantucket...

These two big ferries crossed paths and created big waves in their wake that the boys enjoyed. Can you see their four little heads in the water?

And then a third ferry arrived. I'd never seen so many at once! The "tide" came in very quickly and powerfully after that!

In addition to the show put on by the passing boats, the sky had a treat in store for us that evening too. 
It was gorgeous!

Sometimes I think I'm in heaven when I'm on the Cape! 😍

Liz and I went into the Museum one day and John gave us a demonstration of the station he was in charge of that morning.

On a rainy afternoon after camp one of the days we went to the Brewster Ladies Library and Rocco, Shane, and Sam did a Harry Potter horcrux scavener hunt (John was still at camp for another hour so he wasn't there).

One of the mornings after dropping the boys off we did one of my favorite things and relaxed at Saints Landing Beach for a few hours. The tide was out when we got there...

...and was coming back in by the time we left.

Another morning when my Mom was there the three of us went to Chatham. There were some cute owl things in one of the shops. My mom got me the steampunk owl on the right for my birthday a couple of weeks later. 
I already had the little one in the middle that I'd bought in Orlando a few years ago.

These flowers on the bushes in Chatham looked like pretty little butterflies.

There's a really nice high-end antique store in Chatham that has some cool things from around the world, like this chair from England from ~1730! I would love to be the owner of this unique piece of history! 

Instead of the $8,000 antique chair, I got a Jane Austen duck at the rubber duck shop. 😂 

We did other fun things too that I don't have pictures of. It was a great week together for us and for the boys! Tomorrow I'll do a post about one of the coolest things we did and a legit ghostly experience we had when we did it!