Friday, January 31, 2020

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Today is my half-birthday! Happy half-birthday to me! I have six months left in my thirties. 😱 I'm determined that they will be the best they can be no matter what!

In that vein, here are things that made me happy in January:

The movie Little Women

John won his first varsity wrestling match, and he won another one that caused his team to win the meet (he was the last to go and the score was close). He also finished his first NNL (National Ninja League) course during competition--he completed all of the obstacles in under the time limit, and he did it on a day when he wasn't even feeling that well. 🙌

I did a good job on my talk at church.

We did two escape rooms and beat them both.

A good new show on PBS called Sanditon, based on the novel Jane Austen was writing when she died.

Taking Sam to see a local production of The Wizard of Oz put on by kids.

Finally doing a paint party at one of those painting studios with the women in my family. And despite my lack of artistic ability and the teasing from a certain sister of mine, my painting didn't turn out that bad!

I stayed on track and organized with my schedule and to-do list most days this month. Not to sound cheesy but that really is one of the ways I feel enabled to live my best life!

Going into Boston with two of my good friends to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Going to a really cool illusionist show (this hasn't actually happened yet--we're going tonight, and I'm sure it will make me happy!).

And here's what I'm looking forward to in February:

Reading Emma by Jane Austen (finally!) and then going to see the new movie of it.

Spending a relaxing weekend at the Cape house. I haven't been there since August!

Going to the National Ninja League World Championship in North Carolina to see John compete!

Getting a facial (it's been months!).

Getting a European rose body wrap done at a local spa from a gift certificate I got for Christmas. It's been years since I did a body wrap and I love them so much!

Snowstorms, hopefully. As long as they don't conflict with our travel plans. There's been a dearth of snowstorms since early December and I don't like it one bit!