Friday, February 14, 2020

Road Trip to North Carolina

Last August we drove down to Charlotte, North Carolina and stayed for a few days. Charlotte is where Peter works a lot for his consulting job and he's there enough that the company he works for down there pays for an apartment for him in Charlotte. It's not an ideal situation because it's far from family-friendly, and I can't say that this was a fun trip for me personally, and I didn't take very many pictures, but...the boys had fun!  

We stopped in New Jersey in the town where we lived for the first four years of our marriage. We got lunch from a Chinese place that we used to love. We drove by our old condo and ate lunch in the park across the street where I used to take Christy for walks, and then John when he was born. It was neat to be back in a place that is full of fun and happy memories for us. I should have taken some pictures!

We stopped in Williamsburg, Virginia and spent a fun day at Water Country USA. The last time we were there was in 2015 with Peter's brother's family

We had a cabana that looked out onto the woods. One of the things I really like about this area of Virginia is all of the cool things in history that took place there. There could have been soldiers from the Revolutionary War in these very woods over 200 years ago.

I wish I had a crystal ball or some such device that could take a scene and look back into the past and see what happened there. If I were a fiction writer then that would be a fun book to write! 

Fun fact: I lived on an army base in North Carolina when I was a little kid. I think my earliest memories are from there. 

A rare sweet moment caught on camera!

Standing in two states at one time. It ain't the Four Corners, but it's still fun!

It's funny that I'm posting this today because we're headed back down to North Carolina in a few days!