Friday, June 10, 2016

A Few More Fun Things From Virginia

This is my last post about our trip to Virginia. These are some of the other fun things we did there.

Busch Gardens
We spent a very fun day at this awesome amusement park. It's divided into sections by country. England's my favorite, of course!

John and his cute cousin Naomi at lunch.
Naomi gave us a scare later in the day when we couldn't find her for 20 minutes! Needless to say, after we found her she was stroller-bound for the rest of the day!

 Bumper cars!
Peter and Paul enjoyed "bumping" (more like ramming) each other's cars as hard as they could and as much as they could. Look at Lizzie's face!

Paul wins!

Five blond-haired, blue-eyed cuties in a row!

My personal favorite was getting our Victorian-style family pictures done there.
Peter and I did this as a couple when we were here in 2007. It was fun doing it with the kids.
I love this kind of stuff!

 Water Country USA
This waterpark was so much fun that we spent a day-and-a-half there. Part of that was because halfway through our first day there, it rained so hard that they had to shut down the park. 

Let's hear it for the posed photograph!

Peter decided to spring for a private cabana and it was very nice...

...especially when it started pouring later in the day. We had a comfortable place to stay dry.
We even had our own personal pool for awhile!

Downtown Williamsburg is really cute. It's a nice college town full of history, charm, good restaurants, and great shops. I think I would have loved going to school here at the College of William & Mary.

 On the Fourth of July, I got a massage at the spa, then went downtown and did some shopping and had lunch while Peter and Paul and the kids were at Water Country USA. Then I drove back to the resort, got us all packed up (we were leaving the next day), took a nap, and finished my book. It was a good day.

The grounds of the spa were pretty...

 At one of the shops downtown I bought my first pair of Jack Rogers sandals. Jack Rogers are very popular when it comes to New England preppy style so I decided to climb aboard that train and get a pair for my summers on the Cape. They're cute, but I don't really understand what the big deal is. They're just sandals, and they're not particularly comfortable or distinct, in my opinion. I like my Saltwaters better, though the Jack Rogers are a slightly dressier option.

It rained the afternoon of the Fourth, which altered our plans for fireworks. We were going to go back to Yorktown to see the fireworks over the battlefields there, which would have been the coolest, but it got cancelled there. Instead, we went to Colonial Williamsburg and saw them from the Visitors Center parking lot. They started later than scheduled due to the weather, but it was a great show once they started. And in such a patriotic, meaningful place!

We had such a good time on this trip. Virginia really is for lovers--history lovers!
We can't wait to return in the years to come!