Thursday, January 9, 2020

On Belay!

Last May my dad, John, and I spent an afternoon in the woods not far from my house where there are some big rock walls that are popular for rappelling. My dad is very experienced with rappelling and he brought his equipment with him from Utah and taught John how to do it. I stayed nice and safe down on the ground as the belayer and I was just fine with that!

Aw May, why do you have to be so pretty! I ask the same thing of you too, beautiful green sun-dappled woods. 😍

Getting the gear on.

While they were getting ready, I enjoyed the views and made plans to come back and go for some good walks in the woods.

I took some selfies too.

And did a little photo shoot with my Kate Spade owl bag. Owls, woods, waiting was all destined to end up on camera somehow. 

Just about ready to go!

Obviously I couldn't take any pictures of John rappelling down the wall because I needed both hands in order to be a suitable belayer. (Sigh, if only I had a third hand!) John did well. He's fearless and good at this stuff.  

It was an afternoon well-spent!