Friday, October 18, 2019

The Nutcracker

The weekend before Christmas last year we fulfilled my wish to see Boston Ballet's world-famous production of The Nutcracker. Peter and I had seen it about ten years earlier, so it had been awhile. The boys hadn't seen it yet. They were in for a treat!

The Opera House in Boston is itself a treat. It's so beautiful!

I'm a sucker for chandeliers!

I'm also a sucker for fine ceiling art. December was a real treat for me with the chandeliers and ceiling art and the overall ornateness of the Newport mansions and the Opera House!

The boys enjoyed The Nutcracker, despite their grumbling about having to go to the ballet. Sam said that the beginning scenes of the Christmas party reminded him of The Sound of Music.

The only time you can take pictures of the performers is when they're done performing! It's understandable, of course.

The lobby isn't too shabby either!

It was a lovely evening in a lovely place seeing a lovely ballet. I hope it's not another ten years before I do this again!