Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Decorating for Christmas in Our New House

It was weird to decorate a new house for Christmas last year. I was used to our Iowa house and had a good routine there for where to put things and how exactly to decorate. I had to do some reconfiguring for our new house here in Massachusetts, but nothing I couldn't handle. 😉

I liked this spot for my Willow Tree nativity set on the side table in the dining room. The sun would shine in on it and look like rays from heaven illuminating the scene. How fitting!

The rest of the nativities went on the buffet on the other side of the dining room, just like in Iowa. 

The top of the piano is always a festive spot.

These two Victorian ladies from Lenox are amongst my favorite Christmas decorations. 

This is how I envision myself each Christmas season. A true lady of the house. Dress and all. 😂 
(The reality of how I actually look is hilariously different. I could put here in this very spot an unflattering selfie I took last Christmas that shows the contrast between my fantasy and my reality, but my pride and good sense will fortunately not let me do so, so just envision me with messy, unclean hair and no makeup wearing a years-old red Christmas shirt from Old Navy. Isn't that lovely! Ha ha.)    

The built-in shelves in the family room are so perfect for holiday decorating. I can fit a lot on them without them looking cluttered and overly done (in my opinion).

The family room is a cozy place to hang out in the evenings with the tree lights on.  

 I love Christmas! I'm so glad it's coming up again soon!