Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Eastern Star Extravaganza

Last October Peter's mom asked me to take pictures at her annual Eastern Star installation of officers. (Eastern Star is a freemasonry-related organization for men and women.) This is a big ceremony that they have every year for their new officers, and she was going to be the leader of her group for the year so it was a special occasion for her. I took a ton of pictures of the ceremony and at the dinner after, but am only posting a few of them here. I was honored to be asked to do the pictures and to have my name in the program too, fledgling photographer that I am!

These two pictures of my guys were for me. 😊 I snapped them during the ceremony. 

Peter's mom (Allison) is front and center. His stepfather Larry is on the left end of the second row.

The boys and their cousins.

It was a fun and interesting evening!