Wednesday, September 11, 2019

My Extraordinary October Roses

The rest of this week has a very rosy outlook as far as my blog posts are concerned. 
Last October I bought a half-dozen orange roses at the grocery store. They bloomed beautifully and lasted for weeks, exceeding my expectations in every way. They were amazing! I took many pictures to document their beauty, so I'm dividing them up into two or three separate posts so that we don't all suffer from amazing rose overload at once. 😁

In the beginning, they looked like this. They were quick bloomers!

I loved how the sunlight illuminated the tips of the petals.

What a stellar addition to the kitchen sink area! 😄

More illumination...

I was entranced by how swirly they were. I love swirly, full, fragrant roses.

Get lost in the swirliness...

And here are my lovely roses sitting pretty on another day, with no sign of wilting or decay, and further blossoming still to come.

I was obsessed! In terms of the blooms and the longevity (and the beauty!), I think this was the best bouquet of roses I've ever had the pleasure of owning!