Friday, August 9, 2019

August 2018 Randoms

There was a day at Saint's Landing Beach in Brewster when the water looked tropical. That's another reason I like low tide--it helps make pretty water colors.

I looked out my bedroom window one day and there was a turkey!

I noticed that my notepads were randomly stacked in coordinating colors. I love that!

We had a big family reunion for the first time with my grandmother's side of the family, the Browns. There were 13 kids in her family and these are many of the descendants and some of the original kids.

This smaller but still big group is my grandma's kids and grandkids and great-grandkids. 

Pretty, delicious cakes that my sister Jennifer brought from her husband's work.


But sometime the waves are really big!

I saw this at a bookstore and want to read it. I wanted to buy it but I was trying to obey my book-buying ban.

The boys' annual carousel ride and picture at the Cape Cod Mall.

They always go on this one now and spin it around as fast as they can. 😵

Sam's in that giant hamster ball!

Sam did the trapeze at the Inflatable Park for the first time!

Summer freckles 💓

John's eyelashes are to die for! And he could care less about them. So unfair!

The sunlight in the ground floor bathroom shines so prettily in the afternoons. I like how it illuminates the room. Even if it is just a bathroom.

Screen time

John and I went mini-golfing together. Here's my vanity talking; for once in our lives I actually look better in a photo than he does! This is quite a feat for me, personally.

I adore my babydoll!

My vanity just evaporated; I look rather haggard.

Last beach day of the summer for us

Shell haul from the beach

This was a good place to hang our wet swimsuits and towels. I say was because the tornado last month knocked that tree down. No more tree, no more drying line. Now we have to find a new spot for it.

Backyard afternoon shadows

The hydrangeas are pretty dried out by mid-August. It's nature's sign to me that it's time to head home!