Thursday, August 8, 2019

Our Place on the Boardwalk

New year, new post about one of my favorite spots on the Cape, Gray's Boardwalk!

This year (or rather last year, since I'm still stuck in 2018) there was something new--the personalized plank I had ordered had been installed on the boardwalk! It was fun to find it and to know that we've been immortalized on the boardwalk. At least until it gets washed away by a tornado or something (not that those EVER happen on Cape Cod 😒).

There we are!

I love my boys 💕 Especially when they behave like this!

This picture makes me self-conscious about the sunglasses I was wearing last summer. I think they were too big for my face. I've gotten new ones since then that I think and hope are better!

I had to photograph it again on the way back.

I love it here!