Thursday, June 27, 2019

My 38th Birthday

My birthday last summer had some of my favorite things--the beach, reading and relaxing, eating out, doing something new, and, of course, owls. 🦉 (I discovered just now that Blogger now has an owl emoji!!) 😊

My mom and I went to the beach in Brewster in the morning while the boys were at camp at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. Lucky me, it was low tide! I love walking out on the flats at low tide.

 My favorite shells are these delicate, pearly iridescent ones. I have a small collection at the Cape house of my favorites shell finds from over the years, and this one was added to it.

My mom treated me to lunch at a restaurant we hadn't been to before that I'd been wanting to try for years. It was in an old, pretty Victorian house that I took a good picture of from the side parking lot but it was with my phone and as you know, those photos are currently missing. I also took a picture of a fantastic frozen hot chocolate that I enjoyed for dessert.

Before picking up the boys, we went to the Museum's new butterfly garden. The butterflies were lovely!

Very English garden, wouldn't you say? (Another one of my favorite things--England!)

There are many butterflies in this picture if you look!

We ate dinner at Yarmouth House, my traditional dinner place on my birthday. I didn't indulge in lazy man's lobster like I usually do because I wasn't that hungry, unfortunately. Then the boys and my mom and I went back to the house, where they had made me a cake.  

Then I opened my presents, two of which were great owl finds that my mom and Sam got me from a flea market we'd been at that afternoon. I love these! I added in the rock paperweight (which was also a gift) for the missing husband (that would be Peter 😄).

 It was a very nice birthday in one of my favorite places with some of my favorite people!