Wednesday, March 20, 2019

December 2017 Randoms

The playroom was very, very messy. 😱

We got two play swords the last time we were in Puerto Rico. I spy a spelling error! 😮 

They were nice little swords though. Well, other than the handles coming off. 

A pretty December sunset. 

 I cleaned the playroom. 🙋 

I love a good snack of fresh pears and cheese slices.

I saw this owl face mask at Target and had to get it. Boo Boo did a double take when he saw me, it was so funny! 😂
I crack myself up! I really am my own best friend!

Those little specks down on the ground are birds eating birdseed that had fallen from the feeders hanging above. I really miss those cute birds and I miss feeding them each week.

A delicious and healthy lunch of a perfectly made overhard fried egg 🙌 and nicely seasoned stir-fry veggies. 😋

Front porch, snow, and Christmas lights. I miss all of this too.