Monday, November 12, 2018

Murphy's Law

I'm afraid a small tragedy has befallen my blog. Last week when I was putting together a post, all of a sudden it would no longer let me upload pictures because of a server rejection. In my ten years of blogging, that has never happened. I've tried multiple times since then to upload again, in different browsers and everything, and I posted in the somewhat useless Blogger help forums and still haven't been able to get it fixed. So, I'm working on it, and if I don't get it figured out then hopefully Peter will be able to when he's home next week. He's saved my blog from nearly certain doom in the past, so why not again? 🙏

Just as I was getting on track with getting all caught up on the blog here--and I was even ahead of schedule--this happens. But I shouldn't be surprised, because it goes along with how hard this year has been in different ways, some of them significant and others not as big but still bothersome. 2018, I won't be sad when you're done and gone! (Famous last words? I hope not!)

I can still post on the blog, as you can see here, I just can't post pictures. Since at least 90% of my blog posts are picture-based, this poses a problem, so I won't be posting as much until this gets fixed, but I'll still do some posts, like Five Things for Friday. So dry your eyes, at least you'll have that to tide you over until The DSJ is back up and running again at full capacity! 🤞