Friday, October 5, 2018

Five Things for Friday

1. Something I've been liking about Massachusetts more than Iowa is that there are more rainy and cloudy days here. I love that kind of weather; it makes me feel happy and content. So I'm probably in the minority but I'm glad that we've been having a lot of rainy, overcast days here (even if they do sometimes cause a big mysterious puddle to form in the basement storage room!). 

2. Something I've been liking more about Iowa than Massachusetts is that my Iowa Target had much better customer service and was better managed and better stocked than my MA Target. I miss my Target there a lot! (Target is an integral part of my life, ha ha.)

3. This week I've been dealing with getting my Toyota Highlander fixed from when a man backed into it in June before we moved. I found out this week that that man is the husband of my former doctor in Iowa! I should have figured it out sooner based on his accent (they're both from Russia) and the location of where it happened (at the gymnastics place where their kids and my kid went). He's a doctor too (a cardiothoracic surgeon, to be exact), and when we talked this week he said that when he hit my car he was exhausted from working two days straight. Understandable. (And a problematic aspect of the medical profession, I might add.) I really liked his wife, she was a great doctor. Cue the "It's a Small World" music. 

4. I saw my old piano teacher from the 90s at the arts center in town where Sam is taking piano lessons. It brought back many memories to see her and hear her once-familiar voice again! I didn't say anything to her because she was busy with a student and I'm not sure that she'd remember me, although I'm pretty sure she would if I introduced myself (which I plan on doing at some point). I was hoping she'd be able to be Sam's teacher but it didn't work out scheduling-wise. It's so neat living in my old town again! Sometimes it feels kind of like being in Hallmark movie...

5. ...which brings me to my last "thing" for Friday. A glamorously beautiful friend of mine from Iowa who now lives in Utah said on Facebook that she was cast to be an extra in an upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie! How cool is that!? I love Hallmark Christmas movies! It will be fun to try to catch a glimpse of her when it comes out. 

I'm really looking forward to General Conference this weekend. I need it! It will be a great weekend because of that alone!