Monday, February 5, 2018

Random Pics from April 2017

Blog goal for this month: Get caught up on everything I wanted to do blog posts about for last April and May. Bonus points if I get a head-start on June. I have a master plan to get all caught up with everything in my life. #ambition

Have I mentioned before that I totally and completely love our pets? 
Boo Boo is one of my favorite dogs ever. 

Here he is taking an afternoon snooze on the front porch.

And of course there's my beloved kitty Brody, who will be starring in his own blog posts this month. 
And let's not forget my darling dog-ter Violet and my trusty cat Bentwood! (Sorry, no pics.) 

I don't know, I thought President Trump looked like a Ken doll in the background of this photo.

Decorating Easter eggs

Sam got a new Lego set in his Easter basket. He's really good at putting these things together!

We got this beautiful carrot cake from the Co-op. It was a delicious Easter treat!

 Man alive, I love this kid!

Looking at the school yearbook together. (I love the other kid too, just in case you were wondering.)

The crafty boy crafting.

Sam made a small but significant spelling error on his schoolwork! 😮 
 I posted this on Facebook and people thought it was really funny! Because it is!

A perfect spring afternoon in which I sat on the front porch and watched the boys as they played with a neighborhood friend. I was recovering from eye surgery (more about that to come in another post) and my world was still blurry but I caught it clearly that afternoon through the lens of my camera. 
After being cooped up inside for a few days, it felt really good to get some fresh spring air!