Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sam the Lego Man

We have thousands of Legos at our house because Sam loves getting Lego sets and putting them together. He makes his own creations too. He's good at doing both. 

A Star Wars set that a friend got him for his birthday last year

A Doctor Strange set from Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Adam (also from last year's birthday)

Lego chaos to begin...

...with more order creeping in...

...and a completed Lego set for the win! 
(How's that for your daily dose of poetry?)

I don't have a picture in this post of the actual Lego table in our playroom, but this is the secondary Lego table that Sam claimed in the basement kitchen. (So much for my aspiration to sit at this counter and challenge myself by putting together intricate 1000-piece puzzles!)
I love organizing things but I've given up when it comes to Legos. My efforts at doing so have all proven to be futile, so now they all just get tossed into storage bins. It's easy and it works!

Every now and again the Lego Duplos still get taken out and played with. Although this picture once again is from last fall, and I can't remember the last time the Duplos have come out since then (sniff, sniff). 

John likes Legos but never got into them the way Sam has.
The Lego love in our family comes from Sam the Lego Man!