Wednesday, October 4, 2017

About Last Fall...

As you can probably tell from my last two posts, I'm getting caught up on pictures from my phone from last fall that I never posted here on my blog but wanted to. You know what they say, {cliche incoming}...
...better late than never!

A bucolic scene outside of a picturesque church at a wedding that Peter and I attended. 
It reminds me of England (not that I've ever been there...sob). 

 When John has major attitude problems with me, this is one of the things he has to do.
 I think it helps. Though there have been some close calls, he hasn't had to do this in months!

When the cutest boy in the whole wide world falls asleep on the couch after school.

Not far from our house was this pretty scene in the woods.

 My front porch decorating skills are on fire.

Sam's art table was getting out of control. Another clean-out and organizing project that got added to my list.

I saw this Beauty and the Beast Lego castle set at Target and had to take a picture because as you may know I love B&TB. 
P.S. I ended up getting this for Christmas! I still haven't put it together, and Sam won't do it for me because "it's for girls."

A pretty sunset at the top of my neighborhood (featuring an apparent stairway to heaven!).  

 Here was my best Martha Stewart moment of fall: jack o'lantern clementines for John's class Halloween party! 

 I love this tree in our yard. There's a certain time of the year (usually in the early 20s of October) when it features the dwindling green leaves of summer topped by the victorious reds, oranges, and yellows of fall. I think it's so pretty for the few days that it looks like this! 

I wish when I'd taken this picture at Barnes & Noble that I'd gotten both of these. I ended up getting Barnsie a few weeks later (he was too cute to resist and I have a soft spot for teddy bears and for B&N), but Noble was all sold out by then, both in the store and online. It is my mission this holiday season to get that dog! (P.S. I'm a descendant of the Noble of Barnes & Noble, so there are family history reasons for this desired acquisition!)

Sam: "If I were president my assistant would be a snake." He understands politics perfectly. 😆

I saw this at Costco and wished I had a daughter. Although I wouldn't buy this for her because I would give her my own Samantha doll (which is still in excellent condition!). 

Sam's artwork made it on to the Eric Carle display at school.

Do you see it?

There was this weird day in November when it was really warm out after raining a lot, so Sam went outside in his swimsuit and turned the slide into a waterslide and splashed around in the puddles in the sand. It almost gave Wisconsin Dells a run for its money.

And that was the best of last fall, at least as far as my phone is concerned!