Monday, October 23, 2017

I think it should be spelled "Febuary"

My game of catch-up continues today with the fabulous month of February.
(Don't you think the first "r" in February is unnecessary? It's not pronounced at all, causing confusion to schoolchildren (and adults) everywhere. It's weird. Usually I'm a traditionalist when it comes to spelling and I don't have problems with the strange ways some words are spelled, but "February" has always bugged me.
I say get rid of that silly "r"!)

Febuary is a good month for bundling up in a blanket.
It's a good month for red roses.

{They bloomed!}

And it's a good month to do editing work for a client. (I have clients!) 

My workspace.

Febuary is a very strange month to see no snow and temperatures like these!

And any month is a good month to take pictures of this cutie pie.

Febuary = Presidents' Day and Lincoln's birthday. I was fascinated to read this interesting little write-up about the similarities between the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations. These parallels are so strange!

I miss Brody being under the table, searching for crumbs, or hiding from me, or waiting to be let out onto the patio.

As you can see the table is a popular hangout place for our pets.
And that was some of my FEBUARY!