Friday, October 20, 2017

Fine Art, Fine Home, Fine Life!

Did you know that cruise ships often have art galleries on them and are a popular place to buy fine art? I wasn't fully aware of this until we sailed on Royal Caribbean last November. There was a big art gallery on the ship with a nice variety of beautiful paintings, and during our cruise they were having a special showing of Thomas Kinkade paintings. Thomas Kinkade just happens to be my long-time favorite artist! So we went to the show and by the end of the cruise had decided to buy a painting of a lovely little seaside cottage. The process of acquiring a piece of art can take some time, so we didn't receive the painting until January. It's our second Kinkade painting, and I really and truly love them both. They bring light, beauty, and inspiration into our home.

The box was huge!

Our investment was packed well and protected (thank goodness!).


We hung it up over the couch in the living room, which was the perfect space for it. Before that our other Kinkade painting was there (a beautiful one of sailboats on the sea), but we moved that one to the family room to make room for this one here. Perfection for both!

Yet another joy in a January that was surprisingly replete with the joys of nature, art, and home!