Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Summer of '69, I mean '15

I didn't make my goal of doing blog posts about the summer of 2015 before I left for the summer, but I'm glad I got all of summer of 2016 done. At this point, I guess the things we did two summers ago just aren't going to be very well-documented on my blog, and I have to convince my perfectionist self that that's okay. Chill, girl! Just because you don't write about it on your blog doesn't mean it didn't happen! I did do the posts I wanted to do about our trip to Williamsburg, Virginia in the summer of 2015, and that gives me satisfaction. 

But in order to further satisfy myself, I'm just going to post a few of my favorite pictures from the summer of 2015 and be done with it! (Wow, I sure am saying "summer of 2015" a lot.) 
 So without further ado, here are some of my favorite pictures know what!

Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, MA

At Castle in the Clouds in New Hampshire

This rocks!

 At the Cape (stating the obvious).

Far out on the sea floor at low tide.

I love this picture of my boys.

Jennifer, me, Hayley, and Nate (my youngest brother)

As you can see, the tide was coming back in.

Dark pink sand out on the sea floor. I still haven't figured this one out!

Looking for hermit crabs. 💛

At the Inflatable Park

All four of me and my sister's boys.

My birthday dinner--lazy man's lobster at Yarmouth House. My favorite!

Sam examines a horsehoe crab (it was dead).

Sam examines jellyfish (they were alive, obviously).

 Sam examines the interior of a giant bubble!

My whole family (minus my dad) celebrating my mom's 60th birthday. 


Alright, that was more than a few of my favorites! But I can now consider the summer of 2015 to be done as far as this blog is concerned. That's a beautiful thing, and it was a beautiful summer!