Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Last of My Summer 2016 Photos!

This is my final blog post about summer 2016!
Caution: total and complete randomness ahead!

A cemetery near my hometown where some of my relatives and ancestors are buried. 

Family history, we are doing it!

An opportunity...


💙 Our flip-flops at the beach. 💙

 Did I post pictures already of our new porch chairs? I don't remember. Well, here they are! 

I got a new welcome mat for the front door and it just happens to coordinate with the new area rugs inside for the living room and front hallway. (That's why I got it!)

We had the big dead tree in the front yard taken down, along with a few other trees and branches around the front and backyard.

Adios tree. Even though you were dead, I miss you. Now you really are dead. 😞

The yard DESPERATELY needs some landscaping work as well as a new backyard fence.
My hope and goal for the not-too-distant future is to get a new fence, then have hydrangea bushes planted around the perimeter of the backyard in front of the fence. And to get our grass a nice lush green. 
We'll definitely need to hire someone to do all this.

This is a dry-erase board that we've been writing on since our first summer in the house in 2014. It's in the closet of the kids' bedroom. Kids who stay at the house sometimes sign it and miraculously none of it has been erased by anyone yet! I'm interested to see how long this will last.

Crabs we caught.

Look closely...that's a crab clinging to a raw chicken breast being pulled up from the water!

We caught them off this boardwalk pier, which is one of my favorite spots on the Cape.

And that's a wrap on another great summer on the Cape!