Friday, April 22, 2016

Five Things For Friday

1. A spring-cleaning success story: I cleaned the oven literally for the first time ever! 

2. We discovered a huge uprooted tree that had fallen into the Iowa River. John wanted to walk out on the trunk as far as he could over the water, but this was as far as I'd let him go. I'm usually pretty relaxed about what I'll let him do, but I wasn't relaxed about that! I've got my limits and they happen to coincide with common sense (usually).

3. I've been eating healthy vegetarian lunches lately and my favorite is this one of a baked potato with a big side of steamed vegetables. I love this meal! I'm convinced there are few things more delicious and healthy than freshly steamed vegetables. And no matter what my dad or other health nuts have to say about it, I think it's healthy even with the butter, sour cream, and sprinkling of shredded cheese in the potato!

4. We had these wonderful elders over for dinner last week. I love these guys and the special spirit they bring into our home and the good example they set for our boys. It was Elder Anninos' last Sunday meal on his mission (he's the one on the right). As of today he has finished his mission and he'll be home in Montana by the end of the day. It's amazing how much life can change in the course of a few days! Well done thou good and faithful servant! 

5. Yesterday I got my monthly facial and tomorrow I'm getting my monthly massage. It's a tough life.

P.S. "The Jungle Book" movie was amazing! We loved it!