Monday, November 30, 2015

An Evening at the Circus

Last month we went to the circus! 
It was Wringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey so it was a good one. It was one of their smaller traveling circuses, not one of the big ones that go to the major cities around the country. The last Wringling Bros./B&B circus we went to was over a decade ago at Madison Square Garden in New York City and that was a big one!

This was a one-ring circus instead of a three-ring circus, but it was still very good. 
(That's what you get when you live in Iowa! Ha ha.)

The elephants are always my favorite. The show started and began with them.
While I'm glad that Wringling Bros./B&B will be phasing them out in the coming years due to animals rights concerns, the show won't be the same without them. Elephants are powerful, gentle giants who are so smart and it's neat that we can see them and what they're capable of in their circus acts. But it's even more good that they'll be able to live a more peaceful, natural, non-circus life. So I'm cool with it. :-) 

We had good seats right on the floor. The only thing that would have been better would have been sitting in the first row instead of the second row.

This act was cool! These two guys stood on the backs of running horses and did flips and jumps and other seemingly impossible stunts.  

He's about to do a backward flip onto the back of the other horse! Holy cow! I mean, holy horse. 
(Please allow me to indulge in the corniness that comes so easily to me!)

This was a really neat act where these two super-strong guys tossed these two ladies back and forth through the air. There was only one fall, which is why that big long trampoline is down there at the bottom.

I don't have many good pictures of it, but the dog show was one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

This dude and dudette were super strong and flexible and they had exceptionally good balance.

This was cool too. This contraption went around and around up high and down low with these two men running and flipping around in it, hamster-style. (Don't you just love my descriptive commentary?)
 There were other good acts too, with motorcycles in globes and Harlem Globetrotter-type guys on unicycles, but my pictures of those weren't that good. 

And finally, as I mentioned previously, they saved the best for last--the elephants!


Taking a well-deserved bow.

And then the grand finale! 
That man in the front was the ringmaster.

It was a good show ("the greatest show on earth," actually!). We all enjoyed our evening at the circus!