Friday, November 20, 2015

A Rose from My Dad

Last night my dad arrived from Utah for a quick visit before he continues on his road trip to Massachusetts next week to spend Thanksgiving with the rest of my family and stay at our Cape house. (I'm jealous!)
When my dad came to visit a few months ago he brought me this yellow rose. There's something about fathers giving things to their daughters like this that is so sweet, whether they're little girls, teenagers, or grown women. Thanks, Dad.

Doesn't it look like the rose and the greenery behind it are engaged in a graceful arabesque together?  
I kept thinking that whenever I'd look at it.

Parent/grandparent visits are nice for other reasons too.

This is my last post before Thanksgiving, so Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your feast!

(I found this cute illustration on Pinterest last year, printed it out, and framed it in a pretty gold 5x7 frame. It's one of my favorite Thanksgiving decorations and I made it myself! Sort of.)