Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Smooth Seas

Yup, it's another beach post. Surprise, surprise!
In contrast with yesterday's post in which the beach near our house was wavier and windier, these pictures are from an evening when my sister Elizabeth and I were there were with our boys at low tide when the water was very calm and gentle and there was hardly any wind or breeze. Everything was calm and still. It was a beautiful evening. We also made a fun discovery--this beach gets hermit crabs at low tide! I wasn't sure if it would or not. That's one of our favorite things at the Cape!

In smooth water you can make your own concentric circles.


(My shadow on the left is huge--I look like an oddly shaped giant!)

Rocco and John were basically playing a game of "fetch," in which Rocco would throw the ball as far as he could into the water and John would go retrieve it. 

Shane was fearless and adorable!

Much more of this rock was visible than in yesterday's pictures when the tide was a lot higher and covering most of it up.  

 John and Rocco, the kings of the Cape!

Climbing up is the easy part. Getting down can be trickier! 

So calm and quiet.

Discovering hermit crabs!

Shane wasn't so sure about those little crabs at first. 
A shell with a little creature that comes out of it? Yikes!

But then he was cool with it.

I held this one in the palm of my hand and took a picture of it with my other hand.
I've got skills, what can I say?

I think they're cute in a creepy aquatic kind of way.

These are two of my favorite pictures that I took from all of last summer.  
Beauty: Elizabeth, motherhood, and the sea. 

A few more calming scenery pics, because I love them...


There's a quote I really like that says "A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor." 
But a smooth sea certainly does make for a peaceful one!
It was a beautiful evening.