Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More Random Moments from the Cape, Summer 2014

(Not my best title. Sorry!)
Guess what? There's not one beach picture in this post! 
Don't worry, I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Hanging out in the backyard...

Rocco, my first-ever nephew! (by blood)

My mom and three out of four of her grandsons, looking at a cool pop-up dinosaur book she got for them.

Sometimes Sam and I shared a bed to accommodate family staying with us. 
Note how he's laying horizontally. That was fun. 

Birthday cakes for me, my brother Nate, and my mom. 
We all have birthdays within about two weeks of each other.

Out to lunch with  my niece Hayley, one of my favorite people!

With the Carlson cousins!
Peter's brother Paul and his wife Jean have four kids: Andrew, Lizzie, Timmy, and Naomi. 
John and Sam have so much fun with them!
It's a fun, cute group of six little blue-eyed blondies. They are all Quarter-Finns (25% Finnish).

Sam taped a fork to the table.

Transfixed by "Stack the States." 

John and Lizzie 

John and Naomi

 Cute little curly-haired Naomi!

Our Cape house has a pool! Jealous? Ha ha.

Backyard. I spy Sam!

I started a new collection of Sydenstricker glass to keep at the house. 
I chose a pretty hydrangea print, of course.

The spoils of some of my shopping trips!
I do my part to help keep the economy going.

Rocco decorated one of the new end table lamps in the living room with Sam's snake collection.
Nice! We kept it like this for awhile.

Remember that stormy day when we went to Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich? 
On the drive home, we were rewarded with a big rainbow!


This is a new shop on Main Street in Hyannis that takes the place of where my friend Carrie-Lee's cookie shop used to be. This sign cracked me up.

I bought this soap at a farmer's market in Hyannis from a really nice woman who turned out to be related to a girl from my hometown who was on the softball team with me in high-school.  
This soap was wonderful! I plan on buying more bars this summer at their shop.

Sam created a little clubhouse on the front porch.

Check out that cozy cement bed!

I bought a cool old book from the 1800s at my favorite antique shop.
I'm partial to rubies (including the name "Ruby") because it's my birthstone.

Someone wrote this in beautiful penmanship in 1894!
I love historical things like this so much.

Some other cute shopping finds.
"Owl always love you." For Sam's room.

Cute Cape Cod dishtowel.

My previously mentioned favorite antique shop, not far from the house.

 A window full of pretty things. 

These are considered antiques!? I remember them from my childhood. :-(

Cool old things.

A beautiful old painted dresser. I coveted it and wanted to buy it but I didn't have a good place for it in the house.
A photo would have to suffice.

This chair is from 1840-50! See the tag below this picture.

This Rhett Butler/Clark Gable doll spoke to me because I had finally watched Gone With the Wind for the first time a few weeks prior to this. Rhett drove me nuts, but I liked him. (I didn't get the doll, but I may have if there'd been a matching Scarlett to go with him.)

Another of my favorite shops on the Cape, next door to the antique shop. 

My attempt at night photography over the beach. There was a full moon and it was beautiful.
You can barely see a sparkling trail of water below it.
I need to work on my night photography skills.

This is a historic, haunted old inn and restaurant named the Old Yarmouth Inn, established in 1696(!!). Peter and I ate dinner here for my birthday last year (in 2013) and it was a lovely evening and a delicious dinner. I hope to go there again this summer.

And those are some more of my random but treasured moments and experiences on the Cape last summer!