Friday, June 12, 2015

Coming "Home" to the Cape for the First Time

When it comes to Cape Cod, last summer was unique because it was the first time that we went there and had a place of our own to stay at. In all of our previous nine years there, we stayed in different rental houses. Finally, on that golden tenth year, a house of our own! It was a dream come true, and one that I'm so thankful for. I can say for sure now that it really makes a difference to go to the Cape and have a place of your own there waiting for you.

Welcome to Cape Cod, bird poop stains on my windshield and all!
We'd been sitting in miles of traffic for awhile (a necessary prelude to the fun to come when you arrive at the Cape on a Saturday), so I was able to snap this picture as I slowly drove by.
This year, I'm driving there on a weekday morning, when we're much more likely to breeze right in!

It was just the kids and me when we first got there. We wasted no time in going to "our beach" that evening after dinner.
"Our beach" is about a 10-15 minute walk from our house, or a less-than-a-minute drive. It's a small beach that's mainly used by the locals or people vacationing right in this neighborhood. It doesn't have tons of soft, silky sand; it's a beach with lots of shells and rocks near the shore, so water shoes are good to wear (though not essential), and the shell-collecting opportunities are very good. This beach has pretty views of the bay and of the boats and ferries going to and from Hyannis. It's the perfect natural playground for winding up the day at, and the kids get a bath out of it too. It was wonderful bringing the kids here in the evenings before bed. We all slept well at night.

John did a lot of climbing on this rock last summer. I'm sure that he and Sam will be climbing on it a lot more in the years to come {knock on wood}.

Pretty roadside hydrangeas on the walk home.

At lunch with my sweet and silly Sam. He was hoarding grapes in his cheeks like a little chipmunk.

These people know how to have fun!

Outside of the Lobster Boat, a fun place to eat dinner.

Our very own hydrangeas! These were at the base of the mailbox. These made me happy the whole time we were there.

This applied to me last summer. Ha!

Beautiful Sydenstricker glass. I love this collection of the seasons. I want it!

We ate lunch one day in this booth from the 1800s. Think of all the bottoms that have sat here since then! (First I wrote "bums" instead of "bottoms" and then I realized how funny that sounded so I changed it to "bottoms." Ha ha.) We found this old historic place one day to eat lunch at that is now a cafe but used to be an apothecary. The owner of the cafe, who we talked with, is the great-great?-grandson of the original apothecary guy from the 1800s (if I remember correctly). These kinds of things are so cool to me. They make genuine ice cream sodas here, the old-fashioned way. Yummy!

 Sam having an "om" moment...

...followed by a silly moment.

Cute vintage-style signs.

The boys in my bed one morning.

I thought these windowbox hydrangeas at our favorite pie shop were so colorful and pretty.
Then I touched them and found out that they were fake. Ha! The joke was on me.

My view for morning yoga on the beach.
I can't decide which picture I like better, the one with the lifeguard stand off to the side or the one with it in the center. What do you think?

We went mini-golfing for the first time at the place near our house.

We tell people coming to our house to look for the spouting whale and turn there!

Lunchtime: my lobster roll was gooood.

Our mailbox hydrangeas again. Sorry, but I'm obsessed.

 Walking to the beach after dinner.

The water was gentle and calm that evening. Sometimes it's really wavy and breezy there, but not that evening.

It's neat to see the things that wash up on shore (besides the rocks). Where did they come from and how far have they traveled? I'm looking at you, big block of cement on the left.

Where'd you come from? Literally.

I love a good atmospheric cloudy sky.

I also love that this beach is bordered by woods.

{Insert emoji with heart eyes here a bunch of times.}

Storm comin' in!

The lighting that evening was perfect for colorful, crisp pictures. Cloudy skies will do that, and it's one of the reasons that I love them!

This beach resort is right next to our beach. It's quiet, nice, and well-run. They have a private beach next to ours that has a little playground on it, which we sometimes wish we could use too!

Walking home...

For some reason this picture makes me want to write a book.

Bumblebee and wildflowers.


The Highlander looks like it's about to take off into the sky!
I don't think Sam would like that very much.

Ending with my mailbox hydrangeas. #sorrynotsorry 

I apologize for the random and slightly scattered nature of this post. My next few posts will probably be similar in nature and they won't feature my best writing and editing. I don't have as much time to organize them and work on them now that school's out. #Sorrynotsorry. Ha ha.