Friday, February 27, 2015

Five Special/Out-of-the-Ordinary Things That I Did This Week

1. I read through and edited about 80 pages of family history that my mother put together and sent me. It followed her father's mother's line, and it was fascinating! One of the reasons I love history is because our ancestors lived in that history and helped make it. In this particular line, they lived in and helped settle the area in Massachusetts that I'm from. I'm sure this is one of the reasons I feel such a connection there. Also in that line, I have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War as Minute Men, who enlisted in the Continental Army, who were part of the battles at Lexington & Concord and Bunker Hill, one who fought under Washington at Valley Forge (I had no idea!), one who made a fortune and was a prominent member of one of my favorite towns in the state, and another one who left Salem with Roger Williams and helped settle Providence, Rhode Island. There are also some inspiring examples of women who bore child (after child after child) and lived good long lives despite hardships such as being widowed and losing children. Reading about these people who I'm descended from really opened my mind up to the past in a personal, unique way. It got me excited about family history work again. This summer I'd like to visit ancestral graves, land, houses, and buildings when I'm back East. And I'm looking forward to reading and editing the next family line that my talented mom has researched and put together.

Also, my great-grandmother's sister was named Cora Belle. How perfect is that name!?

2. I read a fun book for my book club (which, incidentally, involved traveling back in time and meeting your ancestors).

3. I watched the season finales for two good shows I like, Grantchester and Sleepy Hollow (which also involved time travel to the past and meeting an ancestor! What was up with that theme in my life this week?).

4. I baked brownies for the teachers at John's school and helped a friend out by doing laundry for her.

5. I registered Sam for kindergarten!

It was a special week!