Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Tell-Tale Picture Wall Revisited

Almost two years ago I wrote a blog post about the picture wall in our upstairs hallway, which had a full row of pictures for John and only a baby picture for Sam. It was a classic example of second-baby syndrome. (You can click here to read the post and to see what the wall looked like.)

Well, it took me about two years, but I finally updated the picture wall with Sam's pictures! 

I think the reason for it taking so long is that my expectations of perfection tend to paralyze me at times so that I don't even try to do certain things (what if I don't pick the very best pictures or put them together just right?). But I've been getting better at letting things be good enough and then being done with it. So one day in April I went into my photo archives, picked my favorites, and spent some time on Shutterfly putting together photo collages and personalized 8x10 pictures of Sam. It was easier and faster to do than I thought it would be. And voila, an important To-Do List item is now (finally) crossed of my list! Now I no longer feel automatically reprimanded when I see that wall in the hallway. I'm also glad that Sam's getting an equal amount of representation. I love both of my boys equally and I'm glad that the picture wall now shows it!