Thursday, May 9, 2013

Scenes from April

Last week I did my monthly camera download of the month's pictures, so here are some random happenings from life over the last six weeks for your viewing pleasure. 

The night before Easter I made a batch of brownies because the missionaries were coming over for dinner the next day and dessert was going to be brownie sundaes. Sam woke up very early and apparently very hungry on Easter morning and helped himself while we were still asleep. What a stinker! So much for brownie sundaes...we pretty much just had ice cream!

John and Sam on Easter. I love my handsome boys in their sweater vests (and cheerleader poses)!

Pretty Easter flowers from Peter, minus the cream-colored roses. Most of them had died by the time I took this picture. Sadly, roses are almost always the first ones to go in bouquets like these.

I love it when the kids have fun together and Sam laughs so hard that he drools, even when it involves them beating up on one another {nicely}. Boys!

Sam's lunch on the Mickey Mouse plate that I bought at the Orlando airport at the end of our trip in March.

A few months ago we got our dream bookshelf. It has a ladder and recessed lighting and is truly beautiful.
But the kids just like it for the ladder! 

(I love this picture. And this kid!)

The shelves in all their glory:

Speaking of books, I liked this cute sticker that Sam came home wearing from preschool one day:

This is one of the Easter cards Peter got me. It's a nice card, but pictures of kids kissing creeps me out, especially when it's on the lips like this. There's something about it that's just not right!  

We actually did a science experiment from Pinterest!

I think that's enough randomness for today, but I have other pictures that I'll share soon, including a river that appeared in our backyard and our swingset surrounded by inches of rainwater!

Wait, one more! In honor of Mother's Day...I like what Netflix did with the envelope of the most recent movie they sent us. 

It's true, moms rock! That's all I have to say about that.