Monday, October 29, 2012

A Day at the Farm

This is our third fall here in Iowa, and for each of them we've gone to Bloomsbury Farm, which is about 40 minutes away from us. It's a huge corn and soybean farm that the owners open up each fall with lots of fun activities, including a ten-acre corn maze and a smaller one for kids (and less adventurous adults!), a giant jumping pillow, a fun house, a haunted house, cute little pig races, pumpkin blasting, and lots of other fun things for kids and adults. We went last Saturday and had a good time. It's become one of our family's fall traditions, so we'll be back again next year!

Note--These pictures are from when we went last year. I never posted them and they've been sitting in a file folder on my desktop for a year. I took pictures when we went last week but I don't like to upload the pictures from my camera until the end of the month (it's easier to keep things organized that way), so I usually blog about things that happen awhile after they happen. Is that weird?

What better place for corn mazes than Iowa!

Little spiders caught in the web...

Hanging out in the corn bin. Now THAT is quite the sensory bin!

John and my father fed a cute goat on a rather interesting contraption: 

There's a cool tire playground made entirely out of tires. John loves climbing around this every year.

My farm boys on the tractor...

 Sam was a natural at taking the wheel: snack cup in one hand, wheel in the other!

John brushed up on his cowboy skills...

I got some cool jumping shots of John too. That kid loves to jump!

This picture of Peter heading to the Sugar Shack makes me laugh. That's so Peter! Although in fairness to him, I think he was just going over to sit on the steps. I'm the one who went in and bought some treats!

In conclusion (what is this, a research paper?), Bloomsbury Farm is a very fun place. We'll go every fall for as long as we live here in Iowa!

P.S. Do you like the collages? I wish I'd discovered how to do it awhile ago. I like making them!