Monday, September 10, 2012

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3...

Hello, hello, does this thing still work? It's been awhile since I signed in--almost three months in fact. Wow!  Summer went by pretty quickly and is pretty much over now, so I guess it's time to dust off the old blog again and get to it. (Although I have to say that I toyed around with the idea of taking an even more extended break from blogging, but I figured you were all really missing me by now...right? Ha ha.)

I had a great summer, and I hope you did too. I took tons of pictures (over 1500!) but I'm proud to say that after some careful scrutiny and editing, I'm down to about 1375. (What?) Don't worry, I won't be posting that many of them on here--only the best ones. We had a lot of fun on Prince Edward Island, in New England, on Cape Cod, and on our road trips to and from Iowa and the East Coast (okay, the road trips weren't quite as fun as the other things, but I guess that's obvious). 

I'll be blogging about summer for the next few months (along with the everyday "excitement" of life right now), with the goal of finishing all summer-related blog posts by the end of November, instead of in late spring like I did last year. I'm full of all sorts of goals, ambition, and motivation this week. After the summer off from blogging and from exercising, I'm putting them both back into my schedule starting today, along with the beginning of potty-training Sam. Goodbye to a lot of my free time! Oh well. It's worth it!

I had to include a picture. Here are the famous red cliffs of Prince Edward Island.  Believe me, more to come!