Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Fall Tree and a Field of Gold

I've had these pictures in a file labeled "Fall tree and field" on my computer since last fall, and it's finally their turn to be the star of this blog, at least for a day or so! This is a tree in our front yard that I thought was really pretty with its fall color change.


(Sam was still a crawling baby at this time last year. They grow so much in a year!)

I like how the sun shines through the leaves in these shots, especially the darker one below, where the sunlight looks like a perfect little star shining right through the center.
There is a big field next to our house that in the fall is full of wheat grass (that's what I call it anyway) that shines like naturally-spun gold in the sunshine. It's lovely!

I hope you've enjoyed my fall tree and field of gold. They've been waiting for awhile to be seen by you. :-)