Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Book-Buying Ban

What you see here is my shelf of books that I haven't yet read. This is just the fiction and doesn't even include all of them or my unread classics and non-fictions. What can I say? I love books and buying books and owning books. Barnes & Noble,, used-book sales, and the books on display at Target call to me. I've heard of a little thing called the library and I do use it, but if I see or hear about a book that sounds like a particularly good one, I usually end up buying it so that I have it available to read whenever I want and can enjoy it again in the years to come (unless it turns out to be a dud, which happens sometimes. Book-buying can be a gamble!).

But no more. At least not until I read a lot of these books of mine that are waiting for their turn to be cracked open and devoured. Therefore I'm instituting a ban on buying new books for myself for the next year. I'm going to concentrate on reading mainly the books that I already have. Sadly, I'm officially on a book-buying ban. (It's official because I posted it on my blog. And the ban can be temporarily lifted for notable exceptions, i.e. a book that is really just too good to pass up!)