Monday, September 20, 2010

Udderly A-MOO-zing Cows!

I'm pretty proud of that title, if I do say so myself. The "a-moo-zing" can be either "amusing" or "amazing" or both; take your pick after reading this post! Come on, you know you wanted to read about cows today.

One of my favorite things about the Iowa State Fair was a cow competition that we came across. I got such a kick out of this! I think cows are cool and it was funny to see them and their handlers in competition mode, which I'd never seen before.
First all of the cows parade around and get evaluated by the judges...

Then after being narrowed down, those that remain line up. Maybe this is to test their obedience? Some of the cows mooed in annoyance and didn't want to line up.
Their brown spots were perfectly outlined in gray, which I'd never noticed before on cows. It was like natural eyeliner, only for cow spots. The handlers all had to wear white jeans...why white, of all colors?
They had to compete with full udders. The announcer talked about the particularly good udders of some of the cows. Poor cows probably just wanted to get milked!

Pageant queens wait in their flip-flops (good footwear choice!) to award the winners...

The winning cows and their handlers getting photographed and awarded trophies.

Hopefully right after this they were walked back to their barns and milked as they basked in the glory of their victory. Like I said before it was fun to see this cow competition...I guess you could say it was rather moo-ving! Ha. Ha ha.