Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nice Sheets

When we moved to our new home last month, Peter requested that we get new sheets for our bed. We've had the same sheets for the past few years and I love how they feel after all those washings--so soft and cozy. But he was ready to move on. Peter rarely asks for or cares about things like that for the house, so I put new sheets on the list of things to get (way down at the bottom), but I thought it was a little ridiculous--not only did he want new sheets, he wanted 600 thread-count sheets. I was skeptical about just how much softer and better they could actually be. He told me that he and his boss had had a discussion about it and his boss loves his 600 thread-count sheets. (The things men talk about at work!)

So, to make Peter happy and to impress his boss, I looked for 600 thread-count sheets the next time I was at the store. I bought a set of 500 thread-count sheets instead because I liked the color, design, and brand better than the 600 thread-count ones. I folded up our old sheets and put them in the closet; they were now consigned to be the understudies (sigh). When I put the new sheets on the bed I had to admit that they looked invitingly good. They were 100% supima cotton and had a nice sheen to them. But they felt too crisp the first few nights of sleeping on them, even though I'd pre-washed them. The old sheets were better.

After those first few nights, however, the new sheets got really comfortable. I'm not sure what happened, but I guess the magic of high thread-count sheets kicked in. Now I understand better what the big deal is. I fall asleep faster at night because they feel wonderful bundled up all softly around me. Still, they've proven to be a bit of a liability--even with a solid 7-8 hours of sleep, it's harder to get up in the morning because the bed feels way too comfortable and cozy. But that is a liability that I think I can live with!

Brody approves of the new sheets too. I found him like this the day after we got them.