Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun With Boxes. And Paper!

When we moved to Iowa four weeks ago, my time was entirely taken up by unpacking and trying to get the house under control and organized. With two little ones underfoot, it wasn't easy. Fortunately, Sam had recently started crawling and was content to crawl around and explore his new surroundings and shut his fingers in cabinet doors and do fun things like that. John had a blast with the moving boxes and paper, turning them into opportunities for climbing, hibernating, picnicking, and anything else he could think up. I'm glad that my neglect of my children helped them expand their horizons and develop their creativity. I'm such an awesome mom.
Eating lunch. Who needs a table anyway?

Lunchtime again, this time on a big stack of boxes. Cool!


If we'd known that boxes and paper could keep a kid so happy then we'd probably have a lot less toys.

Hiding in a cave. That's Peter they're sitting on.

He's such a fast little crawler that I didn't get a good picture of him in action. He liked having some nice soft carpet to crawl on. 

Obviously I didn't completely neglect them. They were dressed, fed, and photographed. All the important things!