Friday, July 30, 2010

Old House, New House, Red House, Blue House

Old house: Air-conditioning units in the windows
New house: Central air!

Old house: Regular ceilings
New house: Cathedral ceilings

Old house: Dated dark yellow color from the 70s
New house: Pretty pale yellow color from '02

Old house: No laundry chutes
New house: Laundry chutes!

Old house: Surrounded by woods
New house: Surrounded by woods. I love woods!

The new house wins! Needless to say, I really like this house. We moved in this week, and although it's going to take awhile to fully get everything organized and settled, we're already feeling at home here in Iowa. This is a beautiful place. I miss the East and our family and friends very much, but I know this was a good move for us. And in other good news...two days before we left Connecticut last week, we got an offer on our house! It goes under contract today. Good-bye for good, old house!


dougandcheryl said...

Sounds great! I want laundry chutes!
Good luck with your settling in and congratulations on the new house and selling the old one.

Kristina P. said...

Sounds like you are moving up!

Sarah Laurence said...

Great news on the house sale and trading up for a better house. I look forward to your photos after admiring the roses below.

Ann Marie said...

Iowa is still EAST to me! lol!
I love the woods as well.. and I hope you'll post pictures of your pad once your settled.

All of the new stuff is happy indeed!