Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Sure Sign of Spring

Ever since we moved to Connecticut three years ago in the spring of 2006, we've been greeted each year by what has become a sure sign of spring in our backyard. This lovely bush blooms in mid-April and lasts for about three weeks before returning to just a green bush again. I really enjoy it while it lasts, and every April when I see those tiny purple buds start to appear, I know that spring is in the air.

Can you see the bumble bee?

I love the combination of the yellow flower buds on the trees and the lavender flowers in front of them.

At just about the time the lavender flower bush is starting to wane, another flower bush picks up the pace and starts to bloom. This one is next to the front door. Fortunately, these vibrant flowers stick around until summer's end!

And finally, also at about this time, the big lilac bush that borders one side of our patio comes into bloom. The lilacs are simply beautiful and they have such a wonderful light scent. They're in bloom right now and I love them. After roses they're my second-favorite flower. I wish they could last all summer too, but they only stick around for a few weeks.

A few other signs of spring that I've been enjoying:

-My son John can once again wear shorts and sandals and go to the playground and climb trees and do all of those good classic outdoor childhood activities. No more being stuck inside!

-Great photo opps like this:

-The sunlight shines down through canopies of green leaves rather than bare branches.

-Mother's Day and the simple, sweet pleasures that it brings.

I hope you're enjoying the beauties of spring too!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I can almost smell the flowers!

dougandcheryl said...


Kristina P. said...

I love spring too! So pretty.

Wendyburd1 said...

I LOVE the smell of Lilacs and was hoping Bath & Body Works would have a perfume but was sadly disappointed!

Ann Marie said...

We are twinners! I love Roses first and Lilacs second... :)

I'm going to do a post this week (or next) about them too! They are lovely!!

I love-love spring too!!

Me said...

There truly is nothing like the new growth that spring brings!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Lovely! If my mom came to your house, she'd be clipping lilacs off your bushes. She always does that. She can't resist the smell.

Jessie Adams said...

those flowers are so pretty! Purple is my favorite color but sadly I have to admit that lilacs are not my favorite flower. I'm more of a lily gal myself.

Laura said...

Beautiful. I love Spring!

Sarah Laurence said...

Oooh, nice azaleas! The bumble bees are buzzing around ours too. The forsythia is a nice compliment. I adore lilacs too –ours haven’t opened yet. Your son looks so happy.

rachel said...

I'm sorry it's been awhile Donna! I am not doing very well on keeping up on everyone's blogs! I hope you are feeling well and enjoyed your Mothers' Day!