Monday, May 18, 2009

A Little Q & A

We get a lot of catalogs in the mail, and one that I enjoy looking through is the Boden catalog, not only for the cute clothes, but also because on each page that has a model on it, a random question is asked of her, and it's kind of fun to see how the women answer. These are a few of my favorite questions with my answers.

1. What makes you feel glamorous: Wearing high heels and/or lipstick.

2. What's your driving style: Slightly aggressive and usually a little too fast (but I've never been pulled over!).

3. Recent discovery: Prenatal yoga. It's great!

4. I've never mastered: Cooking.

5. If I had a year off I would: Travel all over the place, read lots of books, and become skilled in photography.

6. Never underestimate the power of: your spirit.

7. I wish I had a dollar for every time I'd: made a fool of myself.

8. To feel better after a bad day: I like to lay on the couch, read whatever book I'm reading, and eat something sweet.

9. I'm told I look like: Uma Thurman!

10. I'd love to be able to: Paint beautiful pictures.

11. I'm surprisingly good at: Keeping my house clean and organized.

12. I'm notorious for: Not answering the phone.

There are a lot of other questions from the catalog that I like, but I'll do separate posts on them sometime in the future!


Kristina P. said...

I love high heels too. And Uma is gorgeous!

Ann Marie said...

Why is it that lipstick makes us feel pretty? I don't know.. but it does! Hope you get to read a good book and eat something sweet!!

rachel said...

I hate answering my phone too. And if I had a dollar for every time I made a fool of myself, I could fix the economy...

Do you paint? I've always wanted to take up oil painting. I had a neighbor growing up who had an octagon room that she used as her studio and ever since then I've wanted to try it...

Lisa K said...

What's your tip for keeping your house clean and organized?

Anonymous said...

Oh I hate talking on the phone. I want to kiss whoever invented texting.

I love catalogs and magazines that tell the people's names.

Donna said...

Rachel, Nope, I don't paint--I wish! I love the idea of being able to paint lovely oil paintings or watercolors. It's a little fantasy of mine. Someday I'd like to take painting lessons and try to take it up as a hobby.

Lisa, my tip for keeping the house clean and organized is to have routines and schedules that you can stick to regularly, and to be relentless about not letting clutter build up. Clutter is the enemy!

Kerri said...

It was fun to read all of your answers!

Sarah Laurence said...

You'd make a model model! I don't answer the phone either. I'm either writing and don't want to be interrupted or the kids are home and it ALWAYS for my daughter.

Shauna said...

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