Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Which One Are You?


I tried to put to put McCain on the right and Obama on the left since that's where they stand politically, but it wouldn't publish that way. Oh well. I think these are both cute, especially the Obama one, but I personally am not really either of them. I still consider myself a "Momney," if you catch my drift. (For those who don't know, I was a big Romney supporter during the Primaries. I'm originally from the Boston area and kind of know the Romneys from there. They were among the stake youth leaders of my church when I was in high school, and a friend of ours was his Scheduler when he was the Governor of Massachusetts. All of that aside, I'm convinced that Mitt Romney would have been pretty much one of the best Presidents ever for this country. I'm still bit sad that it's not going to happen...yet.)

Anyway, Election Day is two weeks from today(!!!). Do you know who you're going to vote for, or are you still undecided like me? It's looking more and more like Obama will be the next Prez, and I have mixed feelings about this. While I like Obama more as a person, I agree with more of McCain's policies. Which begs the question, should you vote for the person or for the policies? In the past, I would have said vote for the policies, but this year there are so many other factors to be considered.

So I'm continuing to try get as much unbiased information as I can from a variety of sources because I want to cast an informed, thoughtful vote. I know that in the grand scheme of things my vote doesn't really matter, especially since I don't live in a swing state (Connecticut will surely go Democratic), but it matters to me. Maybe I'll just end up writing in Romney's name like I originally planned to do. If I can't come to a decision between Obama and McCain than that is probably what I'll do on Election Day. You can't argue with the fact that a vote you give a lot of thought to has to count for something in some way, no matter who wins or who's even on the ballot!


Alyson (New England Living) said...

Good luck! It's a tough one.

I do like the sound of "Obama Momma". Has a certain to it!

*MARY* said...

If Romney was still in the running I would have never written my "I'm not voting" post.

Me said...

This has been an extremely painful political year for me. I have to admit I swing more towards McCain. I fear some of Obamas solutions to the problems are well, scary.

I've got a friend that wrote a post a few weeks back about why Obama scares her..and I couldn't help but be afraid with her.

The post:

Laura said...

Romney would and should've been my vote too. How sad, our country really could have used him at this time! That's neat that you have known the family more personally. They seem like incredible people. I am more for McCain, but not a fan of either.

Donna said...

Thanks Danielle, I checked out that blog link and she made some good points. One of my biggest worries about Obama is that his tax plan is pretty socialist in nature. Redistributing the wealth is really not okay with me.

Laura, from my experiences with them, Mitt and Ann were awesome. She was very kind, and he was easygoing and fun, and they were always there at stake activities, helping out and having fun with us teenagers. To me those kinds of things show their true character.

Anonymous said...

This is a tough choice. I am still undecided.

Wendyburd1 said...

I still have to go to their websites and check them out...such a slacker I know...I wanted Rudy Guiliani...grrrrr

dougandcheryl said...

I'm with you. I wanted Romney to win so much. I don't think ANYONE could handle our financial situation as well as he would have. Hopefully he'll run again.
As for McCain and Obama.... I am for McCain all the way. I don't love him... and I do think Obama seems nice (I don't think he's a terrorist although I do have issues with him not saying the pledge and not respecting our anthem and flag) but I will tell you why I would never vote for Obama.
First, one of the only really good points I thought was brought up at the last debate was that McCain has voted different sides/different ways on things throughout his career which shows he can be fair. Obama on the other hand always votes with his own party. Not a good enough reason but...
Then you have the national health care program. It sounds good on paper. I used to think we should do it this way- like Canada. Then I spoke to a friend who lives there and then a few more people in PEI a few years back who all told me they hated it. Basically they told me how much they paid in taxes every year- and it was a lot more than I pay in taxes and health insurance and copays combined! That changed my mind about that.
Next, the taxes. He says that only the 'rich' will be taxed but I have my doubts. And then I really don't think it is fair that people get taxed so much just because they are successful. he talks about spreading the wealth but why is it okay that someone who works all the time and works hard or has put years into getting somwhere with a company spread their wealth to the many people that sit around on their butts all day waiting for their welfare check (and I have cousins that did this... they didn't even try to get jobs even though they were able... they just hung out and did drugs and lived off welfare) I mean, why would anyone be motivated to get an education or to work hard if everything is going to be 'shared'? I think we can all look to countries (communist russia) to see how well this kind of thing works.
Even with big companies that are made out to be the bad guy in this election- they are suffering and laying off people too. Why would that get better if they are taxed more? A lot of jobs ride on them as well.
Anyway, sorry. I shouldn't go on so much in a comment. I am really passionate about this though. I thought about not voting when Romney didn't make it but then I realized that I really do not want Obama to win (and I think he probably will) so I have to vote so that if these changes I'm afraid of happen I won't be wondering if I could have made a difference.

Donna said...

Hi Cheryl, I don't mind the long comment at all, and you bring up some very good points.

In retrospect, especially because of the financial crisis, Romney would have been the perfect candidate for President, or at least for VP. He's so good at going in and fixing up messes, whether they're bureaucratic or financial. I really think he could have helped this country more than anyone else running.

I've heard the same things about Canada's national healthcare plan. There seems to be a lot more bad than good about it. Apparently they have all sorts of problems up there because of it, and I think it would be disastrous if the U.S. tried to implement something like that.

Taxes. I could write a long blog post about my opinions and views on taxes, but a long comment will have to suffice for now. I watched a CBS Evening News report last night about Obama's tax plan. It said that McCain and Palin are right in saying that it has socialist tendencies. On the other hand, apparently his tax plan has stipulations on who would receive money: you have to have a job and earn a certain amount, or something like that. I need to research it more because I don't remember exactly. The point is, if that's true, it makes his tax plan slightly better than if it were handouts to anyone, however undeserving they may be. But I think it sounds like a recipe for a lot of confusion and loopholes. Not to mention the Robin Hood economics/socialist facet of it that to me is just so wrong.

I feel that the government needs to stay out of these things as much as possible. They only seem to mess things up. I know that seems cynical but I've done a lot of studying about this and it seems to be true. I found myself liking Ron Paul a lot in the primaries because of his views about this. I've got a libertarian streak in me that I never knew I had until he came along!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I think it's wrong to assume that any one candidate will make or break the country. They really don't have that much power. There is only so much they can do. I think it's idealist to think that Romney or anyone else could have gone in there and fixed everything. So many people are involved in the decisions. That's what I've found in my research, anyway.

Donna said...

I definitely don't think Romney or anyone else can fix everything. If only it could be that easy! But some people are better suited at finding the solutions and helping to make them happen than others, and I think Romney was one of them.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I think you're right there, Donna. But it's funny if you listen to both sides and they talk as if their candidate is magic. The world will be a perfect place, if only their person wins!