Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lifestyles of the Not-So-Rich and Not-So-Famous

This is my 150th post! The following is a fun little thing that some of my blog friends have done recently, so last night I took the pictures for it, and here it is!

1. A picture of me--taking a picture of myself. I wasn't about to take a real picture of myself in my pajamas and all ready for bed. I don't think so!

2. The fridge, and my favorite item in the fridge. My favorite cold-weather drink is cocoa, and I like to top it off with a big dollop of whipped cream, and many subsequent dollops. In the summer I spray it on my ice cream and my strawberries. Yum!

3. The kitchen sink. We had our kitchen remodeled in March, so the sink is pretty new. It's huge compared to the old one.

4. What your kid is doing right now. Fast asleep in bed at about 7:45 p.m. Lucky boy!

5. A bathroom. This is John's bathroom. Our bathrooms are in the outdated, ugly 70s style. We were planning on having them remodeled next year but I don't know if that's going to happen now (darn recession!). John's bathroom is the ugliest of all, with its green tile floor, green toilet, green tub, and yellow sink, but I did what I could with it by decorating with a cute jungle theme from Target.

6. Your favorite shoes. I love my classic black heels--they're comfortable and just the right height and I think they look classy and nice.

When I don't feel like being classy and nice, I turn to these. They're my favorite non-conservative heels. Aren't they cute!?

7. A closet. This is my bedroom closet. It's kind of sparse right now. I cleaned out my summer clothes and shoes last week. I have a lot more warm-weather clothes than cold-weather. What can I say, I'm a summer girl!

8. Your laundry room. It would be nice to have an actual laundry room. Our laundry "area" is in our main-floor bathroom. I couldn't get a better picture of it because it's small in there. The washer and dryer are old and I'd like them to break soon so that we can get new energy-efficient front-loaders.

9. Your favorite room. That would be my bedroom, where I begin and end each day. I spend hardly any time here during the day but it's a big part of my mornings and evenings. I love to sleep, and my bed is the best place to unwind and relax. I love my bed; it's my favorite piece of furniture in our house.

10. Something random. (I'm doing this instead of a picture of my dream vacation, which would be a tour of Europe.) This is Blogging and E-mail Central. The desktop computer is way faster than my laptop. Your blog, if you have one, has appeared on this screen many times!


Kristina P. said...

OK, we are blog soulmates. I love the canned whipped cream.

And those Steve Maddens are awesome. I remember seeing them. I'm not quite sure why they aren't sitting in my closet right now.

*MARY* said...

What a gorgeous bedroom. I don't see how you can leave it.

Anonymous said...

Love whipped cream, prefer THAT over marshmallows in hot chocolate any day! Like you I have to have whipped cream til the last drop!

Love the bed.

Laura said...

The hot cocoa idea sounds so good. I love your bed and your bedroom, what a safe, comfortable haven. Fabulous!!!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I love your bedroom! Our bedroom is in major need of decorating. Our bedroom seems to be the last priority, behind everyone and everything else.

If you live in New England, chances are you've got an ugly bathroom in need of renovation.

Donna said...

Don't laugh at me Alyson, but a few years ago I saw an episode of Oprah about re-decorating that motivated me to fix up our bedroom. It was about how focusing on your bedroom will bring more energy and good stuff into your life, because that's where so many important things take place. So I made it more of a priority, and it's been worth it!
Ugly bathrooms be "dammed"! (misspelling is how I can occasionally get away with swearing!)

Sarah Laurence said...

Donna, lots of anniversaries to celebrate. Congratulations on 150 posts! Ha, funny self-portrait. I think we have the same fridge. Lucky mom to have a sleeping kid before 8. Classy vs. cute – hard to choose! I can see why you love your bedroom. Your house is so neat!

I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been sick. Your husband sounds so sweet. You must be a sunny person to list the good parts of being sick. I hope you are feeling better now.

Dots said...

You write 'not so rich and not so famous', I bet the rich and the famous would envy your life. Beautiful, simple post.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I'm sure that's true about the bedroom, but since we have four kids, I've wanted to do their rooms first, since, it seems, they always come first. They bring their friends into their room and I do not. So, it made sense to try to take care of them first. It's expensive to do all the stuff they need, so it always takes awhile to get our thing done. Kind of the story of my life! :-)

Jessie Adams said...

I love your non traditional heels!
And I hear ya about the ugly bathrooms. Our house is still on the market and i'm pretty sure our 60's powder blue and pink bathroom is not doing much to reel people in!

Oh and we are doing great in Dallas! We are staying in a little studio apartment until 1.) I get a good paying job or 2.) our house sells.

Shauna said...

I love shoes! I was excited to see shoes in this post :)

Karolynn said...

I love your bed! I always make that sound that comes out of the whipped cream can when I want a shake from Carls Jr. (grshgrsh).

Wendyburd1 said...

You are MUCH too neat!! Yeah Stop and Shop rules!! And that's the only kind of store bought hummus I WILL eat...stuff at restraunts is usually better!! MMM and with pita CHIPS...mmm