Monday, October 27, 2008

The Bright Side of Being Sick

1. I got to lay around all weekend and have the house to myself a lot.
2. I watched a bunch of shows on DVR that I've been meaning to get caught up on.
3. I finally watched our Netflix movie that we've had for over a month. It was The Bourne Ultimatum. Matt Damon is hot!
4. I read almost an entire novel in one day.
5. My husband served me toast, chicken noodle soup, and drinks in bed.
6. Peter and John got to spend all weekend together, and they needed the quality one-on-one time since Peter's been away so much lately.
7. I look like Stacy & Clinton's worst nightmare, and I don't even care.
8. My house is a complete mess. At least there's a good reason for it!
9. I got caught up on sleep thanks to lots of naps and nighttime medicine that knocked me out.
10. Our home teachers brought me yummy chicken chowder and rolls for dinner last night, so now I don't have to make dinner for myself for the next few days.

Despite the benefits of being sick, I'd much rather be healthy again. This is Day 3 of my cold/flu? and I'm hoping tomorrow I'll wake up and be better. Then I'll have to spend the day cleaning my house, but I'll take that over this any day!


Me said...

Sending you well wishes. I hope you start feeling better real SOON!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I hope you're on the up-side! I hate being sick. Sorry I couldn't help you with joy school tomorrow, but I'm in the middle of my own stinky (literally) nightmare! :-)

Kristina P. said...

I love all the Bourne movies. I've always thought Damon was hot, but he sort of looks like my brother, so that's creepy.

*MARY* said...

Look at you all optimistic while you're sick. Hope you feel better soon.

Laura said...

Oh, that sounds so good. I know it's not fun to be sick, but that does sound pretty good. Maybe I need to fake sick.

dougandcheryl said...

Get well!! I'm glad you're feeling better.

Wendyburd1 said...

Man, that's why I WANNA be sick...need a good recharge...I haven't been sick SICK in like 2 years...rotten no good health!!

Karolynn said...

I hope you are feeling better! It sounds like you have a lot of people that care about you! Get well soon!

buffyvandabailey said...

I love being sick because I usually lose a couple pounds. Is that bad?!?

Donna said...

You're right, weight loss is a benefit of being sick too!

jaredandmatisse said...

Hey Donna,
I am so sorry to hear you are feeling aweful. Just hang in there and do what you just did:
count your blessings!
Peter and John get the prize!

Me said...

Just thinking about ya....Wondering if you are feeling any better! Hope you are!